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It is TIME to Take Control of Your Practice

There is never a time to be a 'passenger' or a 'backseat driver' in your own practice... the time is now to take full control of the steering wheel of your destiny. Buckle up...let's START your engines!


  1. How to make your Competition irrelevant

    There is no competition. The only competition is YOU. It’s about POSITIONING. Patients don’t come into your practice because of your Marketing. They come in because they RESONATE to your marketing. ALIGN. ADJUST. AMPLIFY.


  2. How to Never Lose a Customer

    Most Chiropractors (and most business owners) often focus too much time focusing on getting new patients… rather they should be focusing on RETAINING their clients by creating and mapping out a Client Experience Map 🗺. This is why we invited my friend Joey Coleman who is the top expert in customer experience in the world […]


  3. When it is ok to STEAL…

    If you have ever been to a typical Chiropractic conference or seminar… it’s usually the SAME. Same speakers. Same Topics. Sameness won’t grow you. It only keeps you… well, the SAME. It creates a “SILO EFFECT”. We become insular. Our ideas becomes stale. And our growth grinds to a halt. In this fast pace world, […]