122 years: Build something that outlives you

Today marks a special day.

September 18th plays a vital role in my life. And it started 122 years ago…

In 1895, September 18th was the day a magnetic healer named DD Palmer not only changed my life but the life of a hearing impaired janitor named Harvey Lillard.

DD Palmer used his knowledge of Human Anatomy to assess Harvey’s back, and in doing so, he discovered a bump. By correcting the “misalignment” of Harvey’s spine, an audible “crack” was heard, and Harvey’s hearing returned.

So how does something that happened 122 years ago affect me?

Well, it created the profession I love and what we now know as Chiropractic.

This profession has given me so much… a career, friends, skills, philosophy, life principles, insights, knowledge, impact, opportunities and more. Without this profession, my life as I know it wouldn’t be the same.

It is on momentous occasions like this that I am reminded of the importance and impact we have on life, it causes me to pause and reflect:

1. To give thanks to those before me. Those that took action to provide me with the opportunity for the life I live today. To remember to thank those who paved the path that allows us to have the life and opportunities that we have today. And to remember always.

2. To ACT decisively. To remember you never know how the actions you take today might create opportunities for others in the future. It is easy to move along each day as if it is the same as yesterday, but sometimes, it only takes ONE decision, ONE action to change the course of history (your future and their future). Today could be your LEGACY.

What will the future say about you 122 years from now? The year is 2139.