Episode 58: All great things must come to an end…(don’t let Chiropractic)

Even the most significant technological breakthroughs cannot survive the passage of time.
Do you remember Microsoft MSN Messenger? Once the world’s favourite instant messaging system… it doesn’t exist anymore.
What about Microsoft XP? It was one of the most sought after Windows Edition…after 13 years – it was retired in 2014.
Now I know you might be thinking that I am bagging out Microsoft… but as an Apple fan – everything must come to an end too…
Did you have an iPod Classic?  The one with a famed “click wheel”?  Yep… with the advancement of iPhones and smartphones… The iPod classic no longer exist. 
Technological game changers transforms an industry… but other technology will eventually cause these “game changers” to be non-relevant.  
Chiropractic Practices can easily fade away into the sunset as well if we don’t work ON it.  
If chiropractors don’t succeed in practice… what happens to CHIROPRACTIC? 
Don’t let you or your practice FADE into obscurity…
In order for us to have a strong profession… we need EVERY chiropractor to PLAY a bigger game.  
Next week – I am doing a special webinar to keep you RELEVANT with little effort on your part.  
I hope you can join me for this special webinar and learn the 3 BIGGEST REASONS why even the most successful chiropractors are slowing down and how to avoid being next.