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  1. Episode 5: Creating One Time Value vs. Lifetime Value

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    In this video, you will learn the difference between rolling out the red carpet for a new patient vs. taking care of a patient for a lifetime.  The difference maybe subtle, but it will make or break your practice.


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  2. How To Be A Practice MacGyver

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    How to be a practice MacGyver

    What I hear consistently from clients and from chiropractors that I talk to… their biggest problem is always “what they don’t have” or “I’m not in the right place” or “I’m not in the right chiropractic associate position” and that’s fine. What I think is, rather than complaining on “where you’re not”, or “what you can’t find”, or “a better location”, or “a better practice” or “a better associateship”… The best thing you can do is to create and find growth in your practice.

    How do you find growth in practice?

    You got to use what you got.

    I used to love watching the show MacGyver.

    MacGyver was one of these guys who fought and defeated the enemies using whatever tools he had. Whether it is a duct tape, a paper clip, use it with a magnet to make some sort device that would take out the BAD guys. I love that because he was utilizing the tools that he had and assessing the stuff that he already has and using his skills and his brain and build strategies to defeat the BAD guys.

    What we don’t want to do is start looking for what’s better; grasses are always greener on the other side. What we want to do here is figuring out some of the things we can do better with the stuff we already got.

    You don’t have to have more techniques to become a better chiropractor, what you need is utilize the stuff you already have.

    How can you be better in your practice?

    Think about this, you can change your tone, you can change the way you communicate, you can change the way you focus on your time, and you can actually use your time much better. Are you spending time on facebook, on twitter while you not seeing patients?

    Where you can utilize that time to actually learn something, or build something. Better yet have a marketing strategy or build a marketing strategy to get more clients.

    You can actually change the way you communicate, change your tonality, and deal with what you got.

    At the end of the day it’s all about helping you creating a practice flow, or better practice utilising the skills that you already have than go search for others because when you search for other things, all of a sudden, what you’re doing is you’re confusing yourself and you actually don’t even know where to start.

    My clients get the best result when they focus on the strategy…

    …that give them 80% of the result with only 20% effort and your goal here is to figure out what you need to do first. If your awareness is about the way you’re communicating, then focus on your communication, tweak your communication, learn to adapt, continue the way you communicate until you get the result that you desire.

    If you’re not getting the results that you want, then it’s probably in the communication that you’re trying to persuade or trying to talk to the patients, and therefore you need to change the way you say things … it’s as simple as that. What we don’t realise is we start blaming everything around us, the surroundings, the environment, things that you have no control over, rather than focusing on you which is “taking responsibility on what you can do better to grow your practice”.

    I hope you like this video. I hope you like our tip of the week. I hope that what you do is focus on your time and use what you got, use your skills and be a MacGyver in your practice and change the way you adjust, the way talk, the way you communicate, they way you do things and spend your time, go ahead and do that. At the end, I guarantee you; you will start to see results in your practice.

    I would love you to like this video, share this video to your colleges. Go to our facebook page and to YouTube and subscribe to these videos so you can get more tips of the week on Drive our Practice.


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  3. How To Be An Authority

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    How To Become An Authority:
    0:36 The Importance of Position
    1:05 How do I get attract new clients?
    1:36 Being a trusted advisor means
    1:54 Are we under servicing in chiropractic?

    In this video you will learn:
    – How to attract new clients in your practice
    – How to get more referrals
    – How to become an authority in your community


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  4. How NOT To Do Customer Service

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    In this video, I show you how a BAD customer service experience can turn your potential prospects, patients or clients OFF for life!

    So it’s morning, we’re in a hurry, we went to this café, we have 15 minutes to eat our breakfast, we have talked to the staff and say we got to be in and out in 15 minutes can you do it? They ask us well it depends on what you’re having. So we said listen we just want some eggs. They said not a problem. We sit down 20 minutes later, we looked over the kitchen, nothings even cooked yet, we asked how it’s going to be, they say 5 more minutes. 10 more minutes later nothings been cooked.

    If You Can’t – Refer Out

    So here’s the problem, in my Ignition Coaching Program, what I talk to a lot of clients is never to say anything just to get a client to the door if you’re not going to deliver service, don’t say that you can. You best top actually refer out. Why do you want to do that? Because first of all you’re going to lose trust, and you lose respect, and number two, you’re going to get a bad reputation.

    That’s today’s tip: The cause of bad customer service is that you’re not going to get repeat customers.

    I’m Dr. Laurence Tham; this has been the tip of the week for Drive your Practice. I like you to like this video, I love you to subscribe to my YouTube channel, and also leave a comment or question below this particular video. I’ll see you next week for the next tip of the week.


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  5. Testimonial – Paul Hiu

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    I generated 50 new patients before I even opened the door of my new practice!

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