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  1. Winning Consistently

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    We all have had WINS in our lives.

    That ONE big day. ONE big week. ONE big month.

    They are nice… but the feeling is temporary.

    In life and business, ONE big moment doesn’t count for much. It’s about CONSISTENCY.

    How many WINNING days, weeks and months can you string together?

    When you can create consistent WINS… you are building a legacy.

    Consistency isn’t built from ONE strategy or tactic.

    It starts from within. It begins with YOU.
    You need to decide to want it BAD enough.
    This internal WHY changes how you think, behave and act.

    I could care less about a “bump” on your stats.
    I care more when you have the “will”, “determination” and “stamina” to never stop growing.

    Consistency creates foundations to do better work.
    “Bumps” creates false hope.

    Here are the results of a client who has struggled to grow past a certain plateau over a 27-year career. 
    In the last 9 months, he has grown his practice month on month without a hint of slowing down.

    9 STRAIGHT months…

    But truth be told… it didn’t automatically happen as soon he started in Nitro.

    It took a few months to get him pointed in the right direction. 
    It took time to remove the “anchors” that held him back for so many years. Without those anchors… he is now swimming smoothly with better strategies and tactics.

    Life becomes more comfortable when you don’t have things holding you back.

    He is changing lives. Serving clients. And spending more time with family.

    Happier. On Purpose. Driven.

    That is what consistency does.

    Aim for being consistent rather than for one big win.

    Better People make Better Chiropractors.

  2. The Alter Ego Effect

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    The best of you is already IN you.

    Searching for answers is one way. Tapping into the potential inside ourselves is another. 
    The combination of both creates the ultimate power and leverage.

    What I know is…
    BETTER people make BETTER Chiropractors. (And better chiropractors make a BETTER profession.)

    This is why I am obsessed with helping my clients being the BEST versions of themselves.

    My friend Todd Herman once asked:
    “Who is the alter ego…. Superman or Clark Kent?”

    Clark Kent is the alter ego of Superman. As is Diana Price as the alter ego of Wonder Woman. Not the other way around. The “human” side is the alter ego Superman adapts to the world.

    Consider that you are the alter ego of the superhero that already lives inside of you.

    Tapping into that genius is one of the keys to success in any field of play. As a parent, partner or practitioner… we need to tap into the best versions of ourselves differently in each of those realms.

    This is where Todd Herman’s book “The Alter Ego Effect” comes into play.

    I gifted every one of my clients one of these books because I believe that their genius is already inside of them… we just need to help them see it and systematically draw it out.

    I thankful for Todd for writing this book 📖… and I am not surprised to see it rise to the top of the NY Times Best Sellers list recently.

    Do yourself a favour and honour your superhero inside you… and buy a copy.

  3. Why Optimism can destroy your Dreams?

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    Being positive is usually a good thing… until it is not. Falling into the delusion that everything will be better isn’t the answer.

    Hope is important. 
    But so is confronting the brutal facts of your current reality.

    This is known as the “Stockdale Paradox”

  4. Your EGO is in the Way of Growth

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    I sprained my ankle… (and so did my son two days later!)

    Mine was only a mild sprain. His was more severe.

    Pain is one thing 😞… RECOVERY is much harder.

    Walking, running 🏃🏻‍♂️ and squatting…these are things you take for granted until they are gone.

    Learning how to rebuilt these muscles 💪, regain the proprioceptions and mobility takes TIME.

    You almost feel like you need to start from scratch.

    This is no different in practice… the game has changed. The market has shifted.

    But have you?

    Are you willing to be a “perpetual learner” and let go of the “ego” that I have been in practice for “X years”… and allow yourself to

    ….yourself ?

    Some are new skills (Eg Facebook, social media, digital communications, videos marketing etc) and some are updating old skills (Eg. Presentations, leadership management, etc).

    Don’t let your EGO get in the way. Be humble enough to know that you are not a MASTER at everything… and there are plenty of growth to be had if you choose to be a “perpetual learner”.