Bad things happen

It happens to all of us.
It could be due to MISSED opportunities. POOR circumstances. Or just BAD dumb luck.

What we typically do is obsess over it. Linger over it. And often let it consume us, plague us and paralyse us.

This happened to my daughter Kaia yesterday during her competition.

It sucked.

She cried.

But I knew this was a teaching lesson. She can learn from this. She can GROW from this.

I went over to her and told her to “shake it off”, stay “focus” and to move “forward”.

To be honest, I wasn’t confident that she would. Because words of encouragement means very little in moments like this. I couldn’t do it for her.

She has to.

But what happen next surprised 😮 me…

This is a story about Resiliency. It’s a story that shows how a 10 year old can teach us:

– Why adults need to do this more often
– Why letting go is hard
– the 2 things she did mentally to create peak performance

I will let her tell the story…