Build a ROCKSTAR Practice… and my review of CalJam

About 6 weeks ago, I travelled to the US to attend Cal Jam 18 (one of the largest Chiropractic event in the world). The founder of Cal Jam is Billy DeMoss (Billy D)… a figure who often polarises people to either love him or hate him.

But it is this very FACT that has made CalJam so successful. He created CalJam the way he wanted it… without any excuses, apologies, or approval.

He did it his way. The only way he knows how… The ROCKSTAR way.

This is what ATTRACTS thousands of chiropractors from around the world to attend and why it has become one of the most successful Chiropractic event in the world in just a few short years.

So how do you BUILD a practice using this ROCKSTAR principle? You will find in 3 short mins… watch the video.