Celebrating the Right Metrics

Most chiropractors measure their success on how many patients they see (Pts/wk).

What they crave for the most are New Patients (NP).

These are all important metrics to track and measure, but…

These are the wrong numbers to be CELEBRATING for.

They are celebrating when they are seeing more patients (Pts/wk). 
They are celebrating when they see “x” number of NPs.
They are celebrating when a NP signs up for care in their ROF.

But that’s not when you celebrate. When someone signs up for Chiropractic Care with you… that is when the “work” actually begins.

You should be shifting your focus on celebrating when they say “Thank-you…”

Thank-you for transforming my life.
Thank-you for giving my life back.
Thank-you for allowing me to do things I thought I could never do again.

We should be celebrating “Thank-you’s”.

That’s worth celebrating.

This attitude will shift you from “Chasing” to “Serving”.

When you “serve”… the numbers above will take care of themselves.