Chasing the Moment


You can read everything about writing, speaking or doing a podcast…But unless you go and do it – you will never learn HOW to do it.

Malcolm Gladwell in the book “Outliers” popularized the idea of the 10,000 hours rule discusses the study by Anders Ericsson on Violists. The proposition that MASTERY in anything is achieved by dedicated practice of at least 10,000 hours (or approx ten years).

The essential part of this study is not dependent upon the amount of time (10,000 hours) that achieves mastery but the dedicated practice of the DOING that achieves MASTERY.

David Chang (Founder and Chef of Momofuku) put it best when he said in an interview that “you can read everything about cooking, but unless you go and cook – you will never actually learn how to do it.

Masters chase for the moment of mastery. They enjoy the ART of doing. The DOING makes them great.

It is through the failures and mishaps that make them stronger. But it is the DESIRE to continue the CHASE that makes them a MASTER.

Admirers will watch.
Critics will judge.
Masters just DO.

Just go and DO (and stop worry about WHO is watching).