Children are a good indicator of time passing…

Each day doesn’t seem like a lot. We go about our routines, living day to day… expecting that tomorrow will be different.

(I know I have been guilty of this…)

And once in awhile, you get a glimpse (a picture) and noticed how much time has passed… and you wonder:

* What happened?
* Have I gotten faster, stronger and smarter?
* Or have I gotten slower, weaker and dumber?
* Did I live fully?
* Am I closer to where I want to be?

All of these thoughts flash before my eyes…

(This picture was taken at Warwick Castle. Same spot four years later.)

It’s moments like these when I need to “pause” and reflect. These are the moments where I need to remind myself that time is finite. And time is moving one second at a time whether you like it or not.

It’s a great reminder that my finite time is ticking away…and I have a choice to make each moment count.

Because it’s not the destination but the journey. Because it is the memories and experience we create not what we possess or accumulate.

Make it count.