Choose yourself

Do you remember when we were kids playing during recess…

When all your friends and classmates would team up to play a game of baseball (insert cricket here for my fellow Australians)…

We would select two captains and then after a quick game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, the winning captain would choose their first selections.

Now I know this is not like it was a profession draft or anything – but it felt like it!

As each round goes by…we would all wait patiently and hoping to be CHOSEN.

Once the elite athletes of our class get chosen in the first few rounds… the choices in the later few rounds become less and less important.

And I can tell you… I was usually in those later rounds….

For many years that follow into adulthood… I believe that we all somehow fall into this trap of “waiting to be chosen”.

But unlike primary school… (and in today’s access to the WORLD…) – we don’t need to wait. We actually have a choice… the choice to CHOOSE YOURSELF.

But as soon as you DECIDE to chose yourself….

The first instinct is – “Who am I to _________________?”

That’s usually the first thought that runs through our mind.

“There are no terror in the bang, only the anticipation of it” – Alfred Hitchcock

Having a gift to share with the world is one thing… getting it out to the world is another. It’s not the thing you want to do that actually scares us… it’s all the stories we tell ourselves leading up to it that does.

In this high emotional state (of anxiety)… you don’t think clearly. You start to lose your vision and your clarity – all blurred by False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR).

If you are ready to CHOOSE YOURSELF… prepare yourself with a PLAN well before the fear sets in. The PLAN will act as your guide through the smoke created by our emotions.

Stick with the PLAN. Work the PLAN. And put the FEAR where it needs to go… beside you or behind you rather than in front of you.

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The key is TRUST and Perception (and WORK).

How do your prospect see you? And how do you really know?

Let me show you the 9 key elements you need to MASTER to become a trusted EXPERT in your community (or in the world).

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To your success,


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choose yourself