Christmas Truce

On this day in 1914 at about 10 o’clock, two German troops came out of their trenches and began waving their arms and walked towards the middle of the battlefield… unarmed. Shortly after that, men on both sides of the trenches (British and German) began greeting each other, shaking hands and wishing each other “Merry Christmas”.

It was the first time in months, where men got to stretched their legs without the fear of facing machines guns. They even played a friendly game of football in the middle of the battlefield.

The war between men took a break on this day. A TRUCE was called… at least for a brief moment in history.

What if we decided to PAUSE our hatred towards each other… even for just one day?

Not just with each other, but also the fight with yourself. The battle that goes on inside our head about what we didn’t accomplish this year, what we didn’t do and what we should have done.

What if we were just grateful for the life that we lived this year?

The alternative is to carry the anger, to carry the guilt and the regret.

Go easy on yourselves as we approach the end of the year. Celebrate your victories and the lessons you learned.

Call a TRUCE with yourself.

P.S. It would take another four years and the death of more than 37 million civilian and military personnel after this Christmas Truce occurred. Consider keeping your TRUCE well into the New Year.