Control Your Variables

Every moment you have choice… to be IN control or UNDER control.

It’s 7:30pm on New Year’s Eve…. and the sign of lighting and heavy rain began threaten tonight’s plans.

The plan was to attend the local fireworks at 9pm. But the sudden thunderstorm suddenly creates tears of disappointment in the kids.

You can either be IN control or be UNDER control….

All year long, I have taught my clients to FOCUS on circumstances they can control… and let go of variables they have no influence on.

The weather is a variable you have no control over… so rather than being paralysed by circumstances… you can switch your focus on what you can control…

In less than 20 mins, my brilliant wife Karen Tham quickly transforms our living room into a magical suite for the kids to celebrate NYE. Candles, lights, decorations and high tea style dessert plate with goodies and fruit skewers along with homemade lemonade.

With glow in the dark sticks and sparklers… she transformed a disappointment into a memory the kids will never forget… and hopefully a lesson on adaption as well.

Life gave us lemons 🍋… and she turned it into lemonade (Haha… you see what I did there? 😆…)

As we head into 2019… see if you can use this as a MANTRA for the year…

Focus only on things you have control over. Everything else are variables that makes life so interesting.

Here’s to more LEMONADES.

Happy New Year from my family to yours…