Episode 050: How to Reinvent Yourself?

In this episode, you will learn “How to Reinvent Yourself with the President of Levi’s Strauss James “JC” Curleigh”

You’ll get a chance to an inside look at Mastermind Talks and some of the experiences Jayson Gaignard creates for MMT community.

Sailing race against a Navy Seal and much much more…

Special guest appearances:
– President of Levi’s Strauss – James JC Curleigh
– @Shane Stott, Kelsey Ramsden, Ben Greenfield
– The winning crew: Nicholas Kusmich, Lara Volochkov McCulloch, Jordan Robert Axani, Anton Zolotov, Raphael Paulin-Daigle
– The losing boat – Randy Kelley (Former Navy Seal), Mark Wade (seen from afar 🙂 )