Episode 077: When FEAR Paralyses YOU

(Video Time: 3:22 mins)

During the recent school holidays, we took the kids to Tree Top Adventures which is a high ropes adventure park filled with flying foxes, obstacles courses, and high ropes adventures. Think EWOKS village from Star Wars!

On one of the runs, Christian was paralysed with fear. He couldn’t move. Not forward or backwards.

He just HUNG ON.

There is nothing we can do as we are not on the course, other than trying to talk him through it. He either stays in that one position waiting for a course instructor to rescue him OR he takes a step forward.

Watch the video to see what happens…

How many times in our life and business does fear paralyse us? We panic. We stop everything. We stop thinking and completely freeze.

Sometimes there will be people to HELP you (if you ask for it)… but YOU still need to take the step forward. They can only guide you, but they can’t take the step for you.

There are times when the only way out is forward. Sometimes, when you are in it there is NO WAY out but THROUGH IT. #thepursuitofme #nitro