Episode 10: Building The Practice Of Your Dreams

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In This Video:

1:46 – Have A Vision
2:58 – Find Mentors To Guide You
3:36 – Implement & Build, Build, Build

I’m at Sentosa Island in Singapore. You can actually see the view from my balcony at the W Hotel. What I want to tell you is that I love being here in Singapore because it is one of my favorite cities in the world. It’s been very progressive. I’ve been here every year for the last 3 to 4 years and every single time I come to this city, there is something brand new. It absolutely amazes me. I’m talking about massive building construction. For example, last year there was no aquarium and we just went to the aquarium yesterday. It’s a beautiful aquarium. It is the largest one in the southern hemisphere. The year before that, they built a botanical garden that looks like it came from Avatar. It’s absolutely amazing. It’s in the middle of the city! Literally, every single year there is always something new.

What I love about Singapore and the Singaporeans is that they are very progressive in building things. I don’t know what moves them, but I can come up with 3 major things that will help you build the practice of your dreams. You want to be progressive as well and don’t want to stay in the 1970s or 80’s style of practice.

Here’s my suggestion:

First Step

First, you actually have to have a vision. Singaporeans have a vision. They have a vision of what they want the city to be like. They want to be a major hub in the Asia-Pacific area. They want to be progressive. They want to be at the top. They want to be known where people come in and travel through, and stay around. It amazes me how much they can actually get done. So one of the things that is really important for for you to build the practice of your dreams is you actually have to have a VISION of the practice of your dreams.

What does it look like? Who do you want to be part of? Who do you want to take care of? What kind of staff do you have? What kind of experience do you want your clients to have when they come to your practice?

So I think that having a vision is key number one. This is where most people stop because they can create a vision. That’s easy. The hardest part is making sure that you actually implement it. Most people think that the implementation of your dreams is what comes next, but it’s not. Most people get paralyzed by fear. Their fear comes and goes like “I can’t do that” or “How do I even accomplish that?” Because they can come up with a vision but they don’t know how and that actually stops them. My suggestion is: Don’t worry about the how’s for now. The second step is the most important step.

Second Step

The second step is this: You actually have to find the smartest people around you that you know, or you need to get a hold of, that has actually accomplished these dreams before because we find the smartest people who can help you and guide you and give you the step-by-step plan by action that can actually get you there. That’s the most important step, because once you have the vision, you need the people to tell you how it’s done so wont have to learn the mistakes that others have done before. Because there are a lot of people that are really smart, and you need to find those right people. I call them mentors. I think you need to find those trusted advisors, those mentors, to help you accomplish that goal.

Third Step

The third step is the longest step. It is to implement the steps and build, and build, and build. Because if you want to build the practice of your dreams, it’s not going to be built in one day, or in a week, in a month or even in a year. I suggest to you that the most important thing is that to start building little by a little. There’s no point in building this brand new and beautiful practice right out of school. That should not be the goal. The goal is to actually to learn the skills on how to run the business and make sure you take care of the clients the right way. Then, over time, start building the practice of your dreams.

Here are the three steps again:

1. Have the vision.

2. Have the smartest people, those trust advisors/mentors, to help you get there.

3. Implement every single day, every single week, every single month, and every single year in creating the most beautiful practice experience for your client, so that you can live the lifestyle of a chiropractor, which is to enjoy working everyday so that it never becomes work.

I hope you enjoyed this video. If you do, like this video. Share this with your friends and colleagues who you think can get a lot out of Drive Your Practice because the most important thing is to help them create the practice of their dreams.

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I look forward to see you next week for the next tip of the week video.

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