Episode 11: You Can't Fake Certainty

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In this video:

0:19 – If You Fake It, You Can Make It
0:36 – Build Certainty And Confidence
0:49 – Fake It To Move Forward
1:09 – Take The First Step
1:50 – Learn The Skills On How To Fast Track Your Success

One of the things that I know that is missing in this profession is certainty and confidence.

A lot of advices has been given about “If you fake it, you can make it”, and I disagree with it. Simply because you can’t really fake confidence and certainty . However, one of the things that do happen over time with experience, not just with any experience, but with successful experience build upon each other, you will build certainty and confidence. I think that is the only way to build certainty and confidence within yourself.

Fake it to move forward

Now, “Fake it till you make it” — that statement is only true for one’s perspective. You can fake it and you can make it as long as you fake it to move forward, to actually do the action that is necessary to create success in your practice. Until you do that, until you have the guts to move forward, have confidence  and certainty in yourself,  to actually take the first step, to give it a go and to create successful experiences, that you can create better certainty and greater confidence within yourself over time.

That is the only way that I believe we can create a better version of you. Because at the end of the day, we are all geniuses at something. You are a genius at what you do. And I think the people around you, that you take care of, if you don’t show your true genius and you don’t practice what you preach, you don’t practice and demonstrate your true genius and let it out, the people around you loses out and the world loses out because we don’t get to see the true you. I hope that this helps you and one of the things that I believe to create geniuses and create better certainty and confidence. It is about learning the skills on how to fast track your success.

This is why I’m going to be doing a one day seminar in Sydney on November 30, and another one in Los Angeles on December 14 with my great friend, Jamie Richards from Life by Design. If you are interested in this program, you should check out www.driveyourpractice.com. There will be events listed there and you can register as soon as you can. I believe this seminar is going to be a rocking seminar to help you build success in your practice.

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Ep 11

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