Episode 12: Why CPD Is Not Enough

In This Video:

0:16 – Meeting our CPD Requirements
1:09 – Two Types of Skills
1:57 – How To Understand Our Patients
2:52 – Understanding the Skills

Does my program have CPD hours?

As we approach the end of November, this is when most Australian chiropractors, is that we have to meet our CPD requirements, which means everybody’s scrambling  to make sure that they get their formal learning hours. A lot of people have been emailing me asking if my program has CPD hours.

Here’s my answer to that question: There is a governing body that actually dictates whether or not the program has the qualifications for the CPD requirements. Their response for my program is that: Because I am dealing and teaching people in communication and practice growth, they do not consider that as formal learning hours.

So I get what they’re saying. I think one of the things that’s important to be clear here,in order for you to get practice growth, you can’t just rely on formal learning hours because formal learning hours is great, it makes you smarter but it does not necessarily mean you’re gonna grow your practice. I think, in order to grow your practice, you need two types of skills.

Two Types of Skills

First is the HARD SKILLS. These are the skills you need to learn in terms of becoming a better chiropractor, technique skills or in your mind, which is your scientific literature. Those are important skills to have to become a better chiropractor in those circumstances. However, learning just the hard skills does not just necessarily mean that you’re going to have great practice growth or better patients coming to you or more patients coming to you.

I think you also need the secondary skills, which is called SOFT SKILLS, which more formal people don’t actually see them as being important skills. But I think it is one of the most important skills because soft skills are communication skills. These are the skills  that understand empathy, understanding of how people think and how they are governed by their emotions on top of their physical discomfort and pain or whatever that is going on in their head. Because if you don’t know how to manage them or how to communicate the message of what you do to them, and relate it to why it’s important to their life and lifestyle, it’s never going to work in terms of creating a better connection, trust and rapport with your clients.

We Need Smarter People Who Care

We don’t just need smarter doctors, I think we need smarter people who care about the human beings. Because let’s face it, whether you’re a chiropractor or a medical doctor or any type of therapy where you’re in the service business industry, which means we are here to serve people, and people are not numbers in the scientific research. They are not just numbers. They do not fit into a box. They also have other components which are really difficult to work with sometimes. Therefore, we need to understand those soft skills along with the hard skills in order for you to become a better practitioner.

In order for you to become that better practitioner, I think you need to focus also on your soft skills because, at the end of the day, you dont want to be the smartest chiropractor with the best technique skills and have no one there to practice on, or no one there to work on because no one understands you. No one cares about you and you don’t care about them because you treat everybody like a number. I think it’s important that you actually develop your communication skills. You develop some rapport and trust skills that allow you to communicate the message directly to the patient or to the client for them to understand what you do and how it’s related to their problem.

Let’s face it, just because someone is the smartest person in the class does not necessarily mean that they’ll be the best in practice or have the best practice in the world or serve more people because they are smart. I believe that smart chiropractors take their skills and along with the soft skills and learn to adjust or learn to adapt to and learn to  be able to communicate to people. That’s the best skills to have. That’s the combination of the hard skills and soft skills that you need to become successful.

I look forward to seeing you next week in the tip of the week.


Episode 12

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