Episode 14: Having Too Many Options For Clients

In This Video:

1:09 – Paradox Of Choice

1:27 – Offering too much choices

1:40 – People like their Life to be Simple

1:54-  Streamline Your Report Of Findings

Why having too much option sucks.

Recently, I was in Sydney with my good friend Taki Moore. We were shopping for a coffee machine, specifically an espresso. We don’t drink coffee so we don’t know anything about coffee. But we went to the store because we needed to find one for his beautiful wife. We asked the sales person what was the best coffee machine and basically, they gave us an idea what coffee machine to use. When we went upstairs to choose the coffee itself,  there was this decision on what type of coffee to buy. Basically, they have 22 options on coffee. Yes, 22. For two guys who don’t know anything about coffee, it’s pretty daunting to figure out what type of coffee you would like or buy.

The Paradox Of Choice

There is a book “The Paradox of Choice” talks about how the more choices you offer someone, the least likely they would buy. People rather not choose at all and walk away than actually make a choice. The lesson here is: When you offer too much choices in your care plan, you are actually making them NOT choose anything and they will walk away and not continue on any plan. So be very careful on how many options you utilize and how many options you offer them because people like their life to be simple.

One choice is an ultimatum. Two choices is a dilemma. Three choices is an option. Anything more than that is a dilemma. So I would suggest you streamline your report of findings into three options MAXIMUM.

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