Episode 16: Being Exclusive

In This Video:

0:55 – Being Exclusive Has Certain Privileges
2:05 – How To Make Your Practice More Exclusive
2:26 – You Want To Be Different

I’m here at Carmel. This is Part 2 of the video series. Here you can see my background: Pebble Beach. This is actually one of the golf courses where the US Open is played. Pebble Beach is famous for being exclusive. You have to have a certain status before you can play at Pebble Beach.

Being Exclusive Has Certain Privileges

Now, the reason why I’m shooting a video here is because I want to show you that being exclusive does mean having certain privileges. For example: I run a Nitro Mastermind group that only exclusive chiropractors to come in. There are chiropractors that I’ve allowed to come in and there are others that I have to say no to. Simply because I want the integrity of the group to be more about people who are driven and motivated to succeed to the next level. Now, I’ve limited it to certain types of people because I want everybody to get a lot of value. It’s not against any type of chiropractors but I just want to make sure that the group functions and that we accomplish what we set out to accomplish which is obviously to grow our practice, be driven and be motivated. And also, share ideas that is exclusive to our group.

In order to get into Nitro, you have to apply. You also need to be screened and have a call with me to make sure you are a right fit to the group.

How do you apply this to your practice?

In your practice, you can be an exclusive chiropractor in your community. You don’t have to cater everybody. You can be a chiropractor for a specific group of people

How can you make your practice more exclusive?

It can be that you only see kids. You don’t see parents. You might only take athletes. Sometimes, people think that targeting a specific niche or group, that you alienate a lot of people. Well, that’s the point! You don’t want  everybody. you want to be different. You want to see specific types of people so you can serve them properly. So that they’ll seek you out because you have served them properly.

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