Episode 17: Creating Something Magical

In This Video:

0:39 – We can learn a lot from this
0:44 – Target Market
1:11 – Build A Community

I am in Disneyland, California. It’s actually spectacular here. It’s our 3rd day here and as you can tell, there’s a lot of buzz and a lot of music. It’s been crazy here. I’ve never seen so many people in my life in one spot, especially at night.

We can learn a lot from this.

Walt Disney has done a wonderful thing in Disneyland.

One, it has a target market. It’s specifically focused on kids. It started way back in the 60s and it was targeted on kids. But there are still a lot of adults coming here. They are coming back here to relieve their childhood memories. They are still tapping into their childhood memories

Two, build a community or build something magical for that particular target market. If they can do this, people will keep on coming back for years, like me. I was probably 13 years old when I first visited Disneyland. Although it was a long time ago, it still brings back a lot of memories when I was kid.

So I think for you guys in practice, it’s about

1) Finding that target market.

2) Serving that target market.

3) Build something magical for that target market.

So those are the three things you can do to create a better chiropractic practice.