Episode 19: Why Marketing Is So Important

I’m with my great friend, Taki Moore, and we’re in Santa Monica, LA. One of the reasons why I brought him on here is because he is THE Marketing Genius. He is one of the top guys in marketing, not just in Australia, but ACROSS THE WORLD.

 Why is marketing very important?

The answer is really really simple. If you look at all the top business people, there are two things that they’ll keep control of. The key to a successful business is delegation BUT there are two things you should not let go of. First one is the CHECK BOOK. Second is the MARKETING. This is because check book is MONEY OUT, and marketing is MONEY IN.

If you think about it, it’s almost like giving up control on breathing to somebody else and hope that they will not screw up. Marketing is the one that will bring you exposure, leads, appointments, your initial consultations, report of findings, new clients and MONEY. If you let go of the marketing, you’re basically abdicating the control of your breathing, of your lifeblood, your cash flow.

Two things you should never let go of: your check book and  your marketing. Money out and money in.


Second question: A lot of people think of marketing as being sleazy or douche bag-y and sales-y.


It is. For most people it totally is… because they do it wrong.

How do you do it correctly to be not sleazy?

If you do it this way, you’ll get a couple of benefits.

1. It won’t be sleazy, which you’ll feel comfortable with.

2. People actually respond to it because most of us will try to ignore the sleazy stuff. You’ll feel better. They’ll feel better. You’ll get better results.

Nobody likes to be insulted but everybody loves to learn how to make a great decision. If you think about any time your service is risky, unknown or expensive in the mind of your prospect, people are scared to take the risk. Your marketing should help make it feel easy and safe and educate people to buy what you sell. So instead of doing offer-based advertising, we should use education-based marketing. In education-based marketing, you teach people what they need to know, what to look for and what to look out for the specific problems they got.

When you do that, you are educating the market (which is your role as a wellness leader) and people get put into a position where they know enough how to make a great choice. Education-based marketing, typically when you do it right, TWO TIMES more leads and a hundred times more leads just by being the wellness leader/educator in your marketplace.  Be their trusted advisor.

That is why Taki Moore is my Jedi. He is my Yoda. That is why he is one of the top mentors within Drive Your Practice.

He’ll be speaking at the Nitro Intensive Event, so for those guys who are Nitro members, you’re going to spend half a day to really smash out your  marketing ideas and everything else.

If you’re not a Nitro member, you got to check out Drive Your Practice and apply.

Take care!