Episode 20: Progression not Perfection

I’ve been very excited and very fortunate to be able to hangout this weekend with my Nitro Intensive group. We were in Sydney for two days, focusing on building our marketing plan and funnel for our practices.

It’s amazing to be able to hangout with A-Players, meaning they are committed to their actions, to their progress and to their practice. And also making sure that they are doing the necessary things to make sure their practice is successful.

I’ll give you an example. We had so many wins over the last past quarter, from people who have doubled their practices or had over 80 new patients just from the marketing plans they have created in the last three months. We are actually helping them evolve, tweak and design new marketing plans so they could get new patients in their funnel.

An example of this is Paul Huey. Paul is a phenomenal chiropractor. He left the practice he was in because he was not happy and moved to a new country town with his wife and bought a practice that was seeing about 35 patients a week and grew it (in six weeks time!) OVER 343%. That’s amazing! All with integrity and all with doing the things that’s necessary to get to where they need to go.


Three Things Nitro Chiropractors Have In Common

Let’s take Paul’s example and all the other Nitro chiropractors. They have three things in common. First is that they all have a vision where they want to go. They know what they want to achieve. Second is that they knew where they started from. Not everybody is starting the same way. Some are just starting a practice, while others are still associates. Some already have a successful practice and they just want to take it to the next level.

It’s about knowing where you want to go. Evaluate where you are: what are your skills sets, what are you doing right now, what are you not doing well Third is basically creating a path from where you are and where you want to go. And then, taking all the action steps. The key lesson in this is progression not perfection.


Progression is better than perfection

Dan Sullivan says that “progression is better than perfection” simply because most chiropractors stall in their practice because they are thinking about the whole picture. They are thinking about the whole staircase, from where they are and where they want to go. They dreamboat the vision, but they never actually want to take the staircase because the path of the staircase itself is too scary.

Don’t look at the whole staircase

One of the key things that successful chiropractors within the Nitro group has done is that they do not look at the whole staircase.  They just look at the first step. That’s what Martin Luther King said. Don’t focus on the whole staircase. Focus on the next step. Taking the next step to progression is worrying about what is the next hurdle in front of me and what do I need to progress and move forward to get to my dreams.

Always evaluate yourself from what you did today. Am I moving forward towards my dream compared to yesterday? That is the difference between Nitro chiropractors and chiropractors who are not successful. It’s about progression. It’s the speed of implementation: how  quickly you can implement the strategies and skills.

Hope this video will help you evaluate where you are in your practice and what stalls you in getting the success you deserve and the growth in your practice.

If you’re interested in Nitro, you can’t register anywhere. You have to apply. If you are seeing at least a hundred patients a week, is committed and serious about getting some progression your practice and actually achieve you dreams, then send me a message at laurence@driveyourpractice.com and let’s have a conversation and see if Nitro fits you.

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