Episode 21: Why You Don’t Want To Be Lonely In Your Practice

I’m here at Lonely Beach in New Zealand. I’m here for the holidays with my family. I just did my first international Turbo Intensive event in the New Zealand Chiropractic College (NZCC) and the people are just AMAZING! We spent two days to work on their business.

One of the things that I was thinking when I came here was that I was told to come here by a great client of mine named Gary, who got married just up here. He told me to check this beach out and I came down here with my family and it’s absolutely amazing. He told me to come here because he knew I was here. So in any practice, you would want to have referrals.

You don’t want to be lonely in your practice and the best thing you can do for yourself is to have referrals. The referral system you have in place is what’s going to drive your practice.

 Let’s talk about referrals out of the context of chiropractic.

How do you get referrals? Let’s think about going to a restaurant. When was the last time you referred a family member or a friend to a restaurant? Think about that.

What were some of the circumstances why you referred that particular restaurant?

1. You had a great experience in that restaurant.

2. That restaurant has  great consistency. That means you won’t   refer your friend to that restaurant unless they’ll get great value and great consistency, and that they’ll have a great experience just as you did.

3. They had the need to go to a restaurant and they happened to be in the location where that restaurant is.  For example: If I wasn’t in New Zealand, Gary wouldn’t refer me to go here to Lonely Beach. And he knew I was already here. Same thing with the restaurant. If you referred a restaurant in New Zealand, and they are in Australia and they have no plans in coming to New Zealand, there’s no point in referring them to the restaurant. What I’m saying is that the third part is they need to have a need for that particular service or product.

In the context of chiropractic, in order to get more referrals, first is you have to create a great experience for them. We got to understand that deeply. Second, it needs to be consistent. People refer because they want to feel good about themselves and they’ll look good in front of their friends and family. And third, they got to have a need. You have to give them the need. Most of the time they won’t even realize why they need to see you. You’ve got to give them the reason why they have to show up and tell their friends and family.

I hope you got a lot out of that.

First is to create a great experience.

Second: Have consistency in your results and take care of their friends and family.

Third: Teach them how to refer and why they need to refer.