Episode 23: The 4 Types of Chiropractors at the Summit of Mt. Maunganui

Do you have what it takes to get to the top?

As I was climbing this mountain, I was thinking about a few things. I was thinking about chiropractic as the summit: the typical vision/dream practice that you want. How you want everything to be just perfect, the systems are perfect, and you have the patients that you want and you just love what you do.

I think there are FOUR types of chiropractors in this scenario. When I looked at the map, there are four different tracks. One is just at the base of the mountain. You don’t need to climb the mountain because there’s already a beautiful scenery at the base. I think there are a lot of chiropractors out there who are happy just staying at the base. If you are watching this video, chances are you are not like those people.

The second type is someone who tries to climb up the mountain and along the way, you come up to some hurdles or bumps and you recognize that it’s actually pretty hard, and you stop along the way. You think that it’s hard for you to continue and you trek back down.

The third type is someone who gets to the top and hit the summit. They enjoy the view but then they come crashing down. We’ve seen a lot of chiropractors who have actually reached the top. It’s a lot harder going up and a lot faster going down. Sometimes, they unfortunately will create a problem. They don’t want get the goal that they want to.

The Fourth type is someone who gets to the summit and they enjoy the view. They don’t enjoy the view for too long because they are looking out of the mountain ranges and they look out for another mountain to climb the next hurdles. I think it’s important to appreciate the time when you are in the summit. This drives people who are relentless. Not because they want to earn more money but they want to see how much they want to achieve. I think you should be the fourth type of chiropractor.

If you are, join us in the journey go to driveyourpractice.com and let me know.