Episode 29: Attraction


If you’ve never been to Sydney before, what’s the first thing you come and take a look?

Well, you gonna just take a look at the Sydney Opera House. And why would you do that? Because it’s one of the most famous Australian icons for people to come and see. So think about it from your practice point of view and it makes me think why every time I come to Sydney is about Attraction. It’s because there are millions of people who come to see this place.

So what is it? What attracts these people to come over here? Well, it’s because Sydney has a beautiful harbor. It’s a beautiful city. Plus, they also got the Opera House. People want to come and see it.

Let’s think about it in terms of your practice. Do you have a Sydney Opera House in your practice? Well typically not, right? So what do we attract? We try to attract everybody. This is one of the biggest mistakes us chiropractors do. They try to attract every single person. Why? Because everybody in the world as we know it, as a human being who has a spine, needs to see a chiropractor. I got that message and I believe in it.

But the problem is this: When we try to talk to everyone we actually get to. They don’t hear it at all because our message gets diluted.

Right over across the Sydney Opera House, there’s a restaurant called Auria. It’s by Matt Moran, one of the most famous Australian chefs. And he’s got this beautiful restaurant that actually overlooks the Sydney Opera House. Now thinking about this, it’s a high-end 5-star restaurant from a famous chef. Who are they targeting? Is their message going to target for people who wants Mc Donalds or fast food? Of course not.

Their message is gonna speak to people who want fine dining, who wants a beautiful view and wanna have sit down meal and have a bit of luxury. And you know the price is gonna be expensive. It will not cater for everybody. Their message is clear.

As a Chiropractor, I think we need to be clear with our message. It’s not trying to attract every single person. It’s about trying to attract the right clients. And the right clients is gonna be different for all of us. The right client is the client that you actually want to work with. The clients that you actually feel that you can help the most. And most importantly, the clients that you actually have fun with. You want your practice filled with those type of people.

At the end of the day, you need to speak the message that’s clearly defined to your target market because for example, if you want to see kids, the message to their parents is gonna be a completely different chiropractic message. If it’s someone who wants to become a sports athlete, it can be about performance. There’s gonna be a completely different message. Now, the core underlying message of chiropractic stays the same, but the message and how you speak to them, your marketing campaign to attract them is gonna be completely different.

Unless you have something very special in your practice like a Sydney Opera house to attract them in to your practice, I understand that you’re not gonna be able to attract everybody. So let’s start focusing on attracting the right people and pick a specific target market or niche into your practice and just speak to them use every marketing campaign that you do or your ad to speak to them. Not just everybody, because when you try to speak to everybody you speak to no one. So that’s the important message I wanna share with you today.


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