Episode 30: Why You Have A Low PVA

I’m really excited to really been able to be fortunate enough to travel around Australia and the world coming up soon. To really go through a couple of seminars with the chiropractors. And I’m getting amazing feedback from people and how much they’ve enjoyed coming to Practice Like A Pro Intensive.

Now, I want to share to you one of the key things the attendees have actually learned in these intensives and one of them being is that they recognize why they actually are going so wrong when they actually dealing with regards to client recommendations because most of the time when I traveled around and talk to chiropractors their PVA.

Basically, what that means is that whenever your client  comes in to your door, I wanna know “how long do they actually, typically stay for on average”.

Most chiropractors are usually will be saying anywhere between 12 or less and there’s a reason for that why that # 12 is so significant.And here’s the reason why:

It’s because most of you when you recommend, when you go through whole initial consultation, when you go to the whole report of findings, what most chiropractors do is they will give them recommended schedule of care, whatever that may be (3x a week, twice a week). It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that is but they will always send off by saying, “At the 12th visit, we’re gonna see how you’re doing. At the 12th visit we’re gonna to do a progress exam and see how things are”.

So what that does is that it frames the patient’s mind that 12 visits is the limit of what we’re doing and that 12th visit means that it’s the end of the care.As you try to recommend wellness care or progressive care or maintenance care, honestly what that ends up doing is that you’re like trying to convince me to do other things that I don’t necessarily need.

The problem is that what most chiropractors do is that they don’t tell the truth. They don’t tell the truth right from beginning. They don’t tell the truth of where they need to be and what they recommend right from the beginning of care the right report of findings.

See, you got to tell the truth. The report of findings means is that you got to outline everything there for them. You got to outline what it means to them and you got to outline what is gonna take them from A to B.

They’ve got to decide, you gotta give them the choice. They gotta choose the care that they want. But at the end of the day, once you recommend, once they choose, you gotta recommend what’s the best schedule for them. But that means is that you start not by pre framing at the beginning, you start by pre framing the whole package. And what does that mean? What is that link to time? Pre-frame the time frame that you think you’re gonna take to get there and then break it down in chunks.

See, there’s a big difference is that most frame from the beginning. They will just tell them what they need to do for the first weeks. And that’s it. And then it goes all, here’s what we’re gonna do is decrease the clients or decrease the scheduled care.

My suggestion is talk about the bigger vision first and then chunk it down because this is what they need to set their framework, because it’s gonna take them six months or a year or 3 months or whatever months you decide to decide that that’s gonna be the link of time you’re going to need to take care.

That’s what you lead with and then break it down, rather than trying to lead with the small little chunks. Because that’s gonna preframe the head space. And this is why the majority of the chiropractors get it wrong, and majority have long PVAs or patients don’t stick around for a long time because they think that you’re trying to do a bait and switch.

Because you’re only trying to convince them to come for 12 visits. And for most of us who are in these games for wellness care, and actually for correction, it’s way more than 12 visits and we know that and the patients know that.

As long as you know and as long as you can show them that they require that. Not every client is gonna need that but if you gonna have a massive degeneration over the years of problems, you can understand they’ll not need just 12 visits just to better. They might feel better in just 12 visits but if what they want is to correct the problem, not just for pain relief or symptoms relief, then you need to frame the bigger picture. So, I hope that makes sense.