Episode 32: You Deserve To Be An Expert

We just came back from The Wellness Summit. This is an annual event, and for the last two years we’ve had over 600 attendees who are interested in health and wellness who came and listened to 10 different speakers over a 2 day period of time.

What’s interesting about that is that we’ve created a brand using podcasts as a leverage to position ourselves as the trusted experts in the health and wellness field.

I believe you can do this too. No matter what type of practice you have, you can actually transform your audience to reach more people because you are considered as an expert. By positioning yourself as an expert, it allows more credibility. More people will trust and like you. It also allows you to reach more people to hear your content before they can see you.

Now, most people has a website to their practice, but when they hear you in a podcast or see you in a video, they hear a different side of you. They hear and listen what you have to say, your intellectual property and how you come off in terms of your mannerism, your characteristics, and what you stand for. When people see you, and when they actually start to come into your practice… they are already pre-qualified and pre-interested in what you do because they’ve already heard you somewhere.

With the current technology we have in our disposal, there are no excuses to not position yourself as a expert. Think of the platform that you have. If you’re great on camera, go shoot some videos of yourself. If you have a great voice, go create a podcast. It’s free. You can also get a partner and put it up on iTunes. It’s so easy to do.

If you don’t like the two, you can definitely start to write. Write some blogs or a magazine or even a book! Publish your book and position yourself as an expert.

The whole point is taking action. Put yourself out there and get your content out of your head to something. By doing these, you create these intellectual properties and people can relate them to you.

We don’t live in an age that we crave for more information. What we want to focus on right now is the person who can interpret the information for the relevant client of the niche you’re going after.

We all have so much information from Dr. Google and Prof. Wiki. There’s no point in finding more information. What you can do is TAKE that information out there and FILTER for your client.

Go take action. Take some of your ideas and put it in a video, audio or blog. Get your message out there. That’s how you position yourself as a trusted expert and trust me, you’ll have so many prospects who want to know MORE about you because they’ve heard you somewhere.

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