Episode 35: Do You Speak Their Language

I’m here at Cassis which is just a little small town village in Marseille, France. We were at Barcelona yesterday and I’m on cruise with the family and we’ve been travelling down the French Mediterranean Sea.

Our first stop is Marseille and we are in a small village named Cassis. What is interesting though, being in Barcelona yesterday and being in France, obviously different languages, being in Europe and my French is absolutely shocking! I know I should be shocked being Canadian, not knowing my French but at least my wife is getting by with some of her French.

But I just thought and it got me thinking about regards to practice there are a lot of people who speak different languages not necessarily English. Thinking about the different languages and what their background is in their experience of chiropractic.

They may not have any experience in chiropractic and when you start throwing them with different languages of what we use whether it be the word subluxation, the adjustment, they have no idea and often times we just expect that they do know because that’s the way we live.

So, we need to think about that. We need to think about the language that you use when you’re dealing with clients all the time. It has to be adapted. You have to understand from their perspective, not your own.

When you can do that, you’ll be able to get the chiropractic message across them a lot faster and a lot better and they’re going to get what you’re talking about. But first, you have to adapt to their language.

So that’s the lesson of the day so here at Cassis and near Marseilles France. Hope you enjoy this particular video.

Do You Speak Their Language