Episode 36: Can your practice run without you?

I’m actually here in Nice, France and it’s amazing here. I have been on a cruise ship travelling the Mediterranean Sea with my family and this is day 2.

I have showed you a video yesterday in Marseille in Cassis and today it’s going to be in Nice,France. Basically, I want you to see what’s behind me. It’s the beautiful Villa France and the port there in Nice and with no email access in the last couple of days or no WIFI I wasn’t able to coordinate with my team and I think that only happens because you actually create two things. One, you create systems in place that actually function without you. You create a team that can function without you. A team is really important and systems are really important.

Those 2 things are the functions just like in the chiropractic practice because I was finally able to coordinate with this team for the last 16 minutes back there on a port in a cafe. But when you are away, the team needs to know exactly what you want them to do without you having to dictate every little thing and I think in chiropractic practice, it’s no different and obviously you can’t practice.

You can’t adjust your clients by being away. You have to take holidays because you have to enjoy yourself and also take the break that you need. In order for you to do that, I think what you also have to do is better create an environment and a team that takes the initiative to be able to know exactly what your thoughts are going to be and how you want them to be in place. You actually have to structure that.

If you don’t structure those systems, you don’t structure the way you want the team to function at exactly what’s going to have to happen without you having to be there all the time it’s never going to work. My suggestion for you is that you need to have a strong team. You have got to hire for the team. Obviously, you’re the person who’s going to do all the hiring. You’re the person who’s got to coordinate that. And if you don’t do it well no one’s going to do it for you.

So first of all hire the right person. Then second thing once you have the right person, they must be able to run the systems that you put into place. Since you’re typically the boss, the principal — you’re the person that has to coordinate the systems. And that’s important for you to integrate those systems in place.

If you don’t ever create those systems that actually run without you then you actually have bought yourself a job. And you don’t want to buy a job you buy yourself a business. As we head back to the boat it gets pretty loud here, so I just want to leave you with that thought. Hire the best team you can find and hire pros don’t hire amateurs. You get what you paid for and second of all, you need to create systems in place so that you’re team know exactly how to run things while you’re not there.

So I hope you got a lot of value out of this. Take care!


Can Your Practice Run Without You