Episode 37: Know The Impact You Are Making


I’m actually here in Camp Nou in Barcelona, which is the home stadium of the Barcelona Football Club. As you can see around me, it’s a massive stadium. I’m here enjoying the ground level of the stadium and we got a tour of the stadium. Actually, I don’t watch any soccer or football, but here I am at the football stadium because I think it’s really important to appreciate sports in general. I think it’s important to look at the sports’ discipline, the amount of people and the dedication of the sports and what the athletes have to put together to actually create a sport.

You know what’s interesting here is that the stadium is about 80 thousand people and you can still see around me there is over 80 thousand seats. When I was sitting at the stadium, I realized there were a couple of things. One is the impact that I felt because there is a lot of people and I can see that these people are here to entertain and play the sport.

Individually, I have actually seen twice of  the amount of people in this stadium which is pretty humbling to be able to know I have made that many impact, done many adjustments in my lifetime but also the amount of impact I was able to create in that period of time, which is 12 years. It’s humbling to look at what 80 thousand seats look like. And I’ve actually done twice that amount of adjustments and it really created the impact. I just wanted to say that I think it’s important once in a while to know that you’re actually putting yourself in a position where you are actually creating an impact on people’s lives. It’s really cool to be able to know that you made a huge impact on people’s lives by being in a position and feeling the humbling effect of how many lives you could actually touch.

So listen, I just think that once in a while we need to put in perspective that when we are adjusting people we are actually impacting people lives and I hope that you get a lot of value just by knowing that once in a while you know that your life, your adjustment, your skills. Every day in practice and every adjustment you make is making an impact on someone’s life and I think that’s important to know that.


know the impact you are making