Episode 40: Don’t Be Stuck in the Past

I’m here at Trafalgar Square in the middle of London. As you can tell, it’s pretty busy over here and what’s really interesting is that I’m in London for the last couple of days. I haven’t been here in over 14 years or so and it’s really interesting to look around the city and hanging around with the family. We’ve gone to see the tower of London.

What’s really cool about it is that there is a lot of culture and a lot of history in this place. Lots of buildings that have been around for such a long time and not only that, there is also a lot of new things. A lot of new buildings along with old buildings. I like that because London has maintained its history, its heritage but also embraced the new technology and also the new changes ahead but also embracing the past.

I think in practice, in chiropractic, I think it needs to do that. It’s not the craziness or the business around here but it’s also about embracing the philosophy and the principles that have stood the test of time within chiropractic and among that, though it’s not about just giving away those principles just because things are changing but also adapting and adding new things to make those principles stronger. I think that’s the key thing — to really make sure that we’re actually keeping the key principles by using new technology to help us grow our practice.

That’s the key question you need to ask yourself. Obviously if you don’t have a website and there’s got to be something wrong so you’ve got to have the website.

Are you using social media to interact with your clients?Are you using the new medium of podcasting or anything else?

Are you using all those types of things to really engage your audience?

Are you using Pinterest? Are you using pictures?

Whatever method that you choose to do all you need to do is just make sure you do it.

Are the posters in your office dated back to the 1990s or are they actually updated to the new versions? How is your logo and branding and your paperwork in your practice? How do you talk to them? Do you talk to them in old language? Are you utilizing new analogies that are making sense to the world that we live in today?

We live in a very, very fast paced world as you can tell around me here. In your practice, people are changing as well. People are changing the way they talk. The society has changed. It’s really important that we start to embrace that technology, embrace the new change that’s actually happening in the world because they’re talking differently, the kids are talking differently. The adults are changing because they grew up in the age of the internet age and the Gen Y and the Gen I.  We’ve got to embrace that but also not giving up the principles and not giving up the past and the history of what chiropractic stands for.

I think we can do both and London is a perfect example of a city that has embraced both. They kept their culture, kept their heritage that makes London special but also at the same time have really engaged to the highest technology and this is the hub for a lot of tech companies now outside Silicon Valley which is really important that you start looking at that.

If you want to look at technology and you want to look at how you can embrace this new marketing stuff and you’re looking for some people to actually help you embrace that and actually hang out with people within a really strong group (which I call Nitro ) who are using a lot of email marketing techniques, Facebook techniques, and utilizing and sticking to some fundamental foundations and helping them grow into practice.

You should come check us out by going to joinnitro.com and see if I can help you build your practice.

Don't be stuck in the past