Episode 41: How Do You Stand Out

I am here in Dubai, one of the last leg of my trip.  I’m actually at the beautiful Atlantis Hotel, which is what you can sort of see at the background and it’s right actually in the palm as you can tell it’s just ocean there. That palm is a manmade land that looks and is shaped like the palm and there are apartment buildings here and a whole bunch of things. But more importantly, there is this beautiful hotel in the background. It’s got a massive water park. It’s huge & sort of like a cornerstone of this particular place of Dubai and lots of people come here and visit.

The reason why I wanted to show you Atlantis is because obviously Atlantis is one of those places that are built to stand out above the rest of any of the other hotels that are here. Dubai is famous for amazing structures and hotels. The tallest building is here. There is a 6-7 star hotel and the Atlantis is one of those featured attractions and you can start to see a lot of people over here, tour buses and stuff just kind of stand out here at night time just to take a picture of this. Beautiful!

So the reason why I’m showing you this is because I think there are many ways to stand out to kind of attract people to your practice in anything that you do. And I thought for you, do you have to be the biggest and the tallest and the most expensive?Of course not! That is one way to attract people.

There are also other ways in doing that. Do you deal only with kids? Do you deal only with sports people? Do you deal only with a certain type of group in the target market? Whatever it is, I think that it’s very important that you create a niche for yourself- a target market that you serve or are known for.

Cirque de Soleil- if you read the book “Blue Ocean Strategy”… they were able to create a strategy that only is unique to them. They were just like a circus but no animals. They’re still in a circus tent but they utilize. You know the Canadian inventor utilized either the same type of feeling of a circus but utilized human performers to create a massive franchise and Cirque de Soleil is one of the biggest franchise in the world, making millions of dollars because they were unique and because what “blue ocean strategy calls” . They create a “blue ocean” or something that is unique to them. That is very similar to circus but a completely different huge market place that they own because they started that market place. So what is the one thing that you could stand out for? One thing that you can do? That you want to be known for? The Wellness Guys for example. Well, although it’s not the only podcast that’s out there but three years ago, it was one of the very few podcasts out there on wellness but also from a chiropractic point of view. Three chiropractors: Damian, Brad and I created a wellness show that is dedicated just for wellness. It’s one of the unique things that’s done by chiropractors.

What is the one thing that you want to stand out for and be known for and how can you market it to the prospective clients that you’re looking for? And that’s going to create a uniqueness about you and I think that it’s one way to stand out above the rest, among the competition or the people around you or the practices next door to you. So that’s just my say of the week here at beautiful Atlantis. I hope you’re enjoying the views.

How do you stand out