Episode 43: Are you divorcing from Chiropractic?

Are you divorcing from Chiropractic?

One of the key things is that when we start practicing, wherever you are, when you start practice often times we’re inspired were so excited. As a student to kind of be like “I can’t wait to be in this profession” “I can’t wait to help serve people” and you have that and you have this built in willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed. And then somehow, when we graduate and we leave, we go into practice, we go into the real world, something happens. Whether it’d be five years ,ten years, twenty years, or thirty years, something happens and we lose some of that. Now, not everybody. Some of you are still passionate about what you do. But some of us kind of lose it.

My question is “What are you committing yourself to?” You know, it’s like a marriage right? When you commit into a marriage, you have to continue doing the work to make the marriage work, right? The reason why we have such a high divorce rate(over 50%) is simply because we forget once we commit , we think that’s all that we have to do. We don’t ever have to commit again. We don’t have to do the things to make it work because were married now, right?

And I think that’s the wrong attitude to have. I think you got to continue to work on a relationship, I think you have to continue to show that “hey! you are the man, or the woman that your partner is married to in the beginning. And you are even a better person a “2.0 version”. So I think within chiropractic it’s the same type of thing.

How can you elevate? How can your elevating commit to chiropractic, your profession and to do what you do on a continual basis? How are you actually stepping up to say “Hey! Chiropractic needs me and this is a lifestyle. This is something that I really want to do and this is the reason why I am doing it.” You’re telling patients, and telling clients continually why you do everything and why you show up for work .

It’s not just about money anymore right? Because when you’re at school, when you’re in “chiropractic” college, there’s an end date or there’s a certain timeline. When you’re in the real world , and in actual practice, there is no end date. Like there is no target to aim for. So I think it’s important to set the targets.

And second of all, I think is really important is to actually set the accountability. Who is holding you accountable to making sure that you’re going to do these things? Who’s accountable to you that you’re accountable to that you’re actually going to do those things that you’re going to say and all the other steps that’s required? Because setting targets frickin easy right? Doing the work is hard. So what are you willing to do to commit yourself to either to the profession or to someone else? Your accountability group? Whoever it is to say and actually do the work that’s necessary to climb and to go after the target dream, whatever you want , who you’re accountable to. I’d love for you to answer that question to yourself and then make sure you hold yourself accountable to get that done. Everybody in this profession needs you to succeed because this profession needs strong successful chiropractors. As a whole, we will be so much better off making a bigger impact if all of us are doing an amazing job.

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