Episode 51: Why we are so uncomfortable about talking about money?

The topic of MONEY is one of those topics that can cause many people to be uncomfortable… it causes them to have a sphincter tightening response…

It’s weird… isn’t it.

Money is something that we all want and need to live in this world but it is a topic that many of us are uncomfortable to mention or talk about.

Maybe that’s the problem.  Maybe that’s why so many of us striving to make more of it… because we have this unhealthy relationship with it.

This past weekend, I ran one of my 2 day Nitro Intensive event with my private clients.   It was called “The Money Intensive” and it was an incredible event in many ways.

For some – it created an open discussion about how to be smart about money in terms of business and personal life without judgement and fear.  It was a discussion on strategy and tactics on how to manage and run a business that can be a WIN-WIN in a world that is functions in a WIN-LOSE mentality.

For others – it created the necessary “kick in the butt” and “get your head out of the sand” attitude to start building a lifestyle practice rather and “sit and pray” type of practice.

In reality, the successful chiropractors are the ones who are constantly building their skills and themselves day in day out… they are the ones who take action toward their future.  They don’t become “victims”… they become “victors” because they design their future rather than wait for the future to happen to them.

So how do you switch your mindset around money as a chiropractors and what are the consequences if you don’t… Here’s a quick video that I shot to help you shift your thinking.


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