Episode 52: The 1000 True Fans Business Model

I was listening to an interview of Kevin Kelly talking about the theory of “The 1000 True Fans”.

The concept of 1000 true fans has been know for quite some time… but the context and how it applies to your chiropractic practice will change the way you see your practice and your business.

I called this “The 1000 True Fans Business Model”.

Kevin talks about how any artiest in the world can build a successful business or earn a significant income simply by having and serving 1000 true fans.

e.g. If each fan spends $100 each year buying a solo artist’s merchandise and/or products then that would equal $100,000 per year. Not bad for an artist.

Let’s take that model and apply it to your practice.

What if your goal was to communicate to 1000 true clients about the value of chiropractic? Then (hypothetically) if all of them are on a typical “maintenance” schedule of once a month…

The results will blow your mind…

WATCH THIS VIDEO that I recorded for you and you will see how quickly this adds up and why it is more easier today to KEEP these 1000 true fans in your practice than ever before.

Watch this short video now… it will be worth it.