Episode 54: Why Your Low-Level Strategies Won’t Work At The Top

I’m here in Hobart, right here at the wharf and see the sensational harbour.

Today, I took my family at the top Mt. Wellington. You can see it up there at the top. It’s pretty high up there. I think it’s 1.25km above where Hobart is.

What’s interesting about that is that it’s about 24 degrees here in Hobart and up there is about 10 degrees lower.  It was about 13 or 14 degrees. It was really, really windy. if you’re wearing a tshirt in hobart, when you get to the top, it’s like winter. Hats on and Beanies on. The wind was really strong up there and it was pretty cold.

It’s amazing how the climate changes in just a 20minute drive up to the top. It’s a beautiful place. Panoramic. 360 degrees.

It reminded me of a couple of scenarios. It reminds me how chiropractors, where you start from where you are and whatever things you’ve learned, try or did, elevates your practice. You ump to the next level. When that happens, you’ve got to remember that the difficulty or ceiling capacity or what you needed and how the landscape is is completely different from where you started. You’ve changed. You’re different. You’ve also got to remember what got you to the top. It may or may not be the same type of thing that would get you to the next level.

When the climate changes at the higher level, it’s important to remember that there are other rules and other things that you need to consider and the climate will change rapidly and you need to adapt to it quickly. It means that at the top, when the environment changes, or you’re doing better than before, it’s time to try a different strategy.

You need to hire different mentors and learn different things. As society changes, like right now,Facebook has changed how we market. Social media has changed the way how we communicate with each other. Websites have changed and if you can’t continually adapt, it’s going to be really difficult. 

As it the rains here, the environment can change very, very rapidly so you have to adapt.

What I’m trying to say is as you progress as a chiropractor and progress to different levels and you get better and better and you scale, just remember: what got you there to that level may not be the same strategies that will get you to the next level. You might need to change the game. Grab different mentors. Change your strategy.. It’s totally different out there. You need to consider and reevaluate your situation and play a different game to get you to the next level.

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Why your low level strategies wont work at the top