Episode 55: What Do You Say Each And Every Single Day You Have Your Visit With Your Client?

I get this question a lot. How do you have your daily visit? What’s your routine? Do you have a specific thing that you say per visit? Is it scripted?

And I used to do it that way when I first started on practice I had to write down 12 things I need to say every single visit:

Visit 1 is going to talk about…

Visit 2 is going to talk about….

Visit 3 is going to talk about wellness care.

Visit 4 is about healing powers of the body.

Whatever it was, I have this 4 script and it lasted about a day cause I got bored and felt scripted of what I was going to say that it didn’t feel right so I change it around a little bit.

What I decided was that you need to be human because it’s a human interaction. People come to see you there. Seeing you for who you are and what you bring to the table. But here’s a couple of strategies that I would help you. I think what’s really important when you’re starting with the report of findings, when you do the report of findings when you do the initial consultation. You got to figure out what’s the big outcome for them. You have this big outcome and the big outcome for them is what do they want? And why are they there for you? How do they want to achieve it? What do they want to achieve with you as their chiropractor? As a patient what do they actually want to achieve? You got to figure that out and it’s not what necessarily what they say, because what they say is most likely get rid of whatever problem they came with in the first place.

Your job as a chiropractor needs to able to expand that consciousness. Expand that outcome or what does that actually mean for them. You got to be able to stretch that. Think of it as a game. To be able to stretch that process or go what does that get you. Your ability to run for example, what do you want to run for? Is it because you want to run a marathon? Is it because you want to be able to run 10Ks without a problem? What is the big outcome you want to achieve? Because if you only have short term outcome for them and that’s all that you’re going to match up, they’re going to achieve short term outcome. If you have a bigger outcome, then you actually have to work towards overtime. And each and every single visit, how I see it is almost this way.

Is that my goal in each and every single visit is to achieve small little steps to get to that big outcome. And those steps is that what Martin Luther King Jr. said “You don’t need to know what the whole staircase is going to look like, you just need to take the first step”. So your goal on your daily visit is to have mini-outcomes that you want to achieve with them. What is the one outcome that you want to achieve? or you want to like them to know? Or help them achieve that one step closer towards their outcome?

Sometimes it’s a big leap. Sometimes it’s a 2-step process. Sometimes it’s a small chunk. I don’t care if it is on millimeters or centimeters or in meters. Sometimes you need to have a big shift. Sometimes it’s only a small shift. But what the client wants to hear is that they want to see that there is a progress. They want a progress in reaching their goal and you can have the same type of interval because every day is different. Their life is different. They have different stresses in their lives.

But my suggestion is as a chiropractor’s framework and the mindset I have for that particular client for that particular day is what is that one outcome I want them to take away after my adjustment. Obviously the adjustment is powerful, the Adjustment that I do is going to make a massive impact, but more importantly what is the one thing I could teach them either in their mindset, food, exercise, family lives or relationship whatever it is that I can teach them to make them a better human being and achieve their bigger outcome.

That’s how I take a look at the daily ritual or the daily interactions and every single visit. If you start doing that and you have one specific goal, your daily interactions is going to be way more specific. Does that mean that you can no longer talk about the sport or the weather? To me I don’t care because I love to talk about the sport. I love to talk about their lives because I want to build a relationship with my clients. I don’t want it just be their doctor, I want them to have a relationship that we actually have a long bond with them so that we can actually have a long term relationship as a client rather than as a patient. That’s the difference.


 What do you say each and every single day you have your visit with your client