Episode 6: How To Supercharge Your Brain

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In this video:

1:20 – Take Out The Negative Thoughts and Fill Your Brain With Healthy Thoughts
1:50 – Listen To Podcasts or Audiobooks And Read Books
2:46 – Listen To Audio In 2x Speed

What books do I read?

I am Dr. Laurence Tham from Drive Your Practice and co-founder and co-host of the Wellness Guys Show and Inside the Champion’s Mind. Now, a lot of people have asked me recently about: Who do I study? What books do I read? Who do I listen to?

Well, it’s an interesting thing. I don’t read many books anymore. Simply for the fact that I don’t have a lot of time. I run three different businesses, so it gets pretty time consuming and I also have a family. So here is what I do and I have been doing this for 15 years or so. I started this when I was in my first year in chiropractor college. One of the things I do really, really well is I listen to materials.

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Fill Your Brain With Healthy Thoughts

It is an analogy of this garden that I’m standing in right now in front of my house. One of the things with the gardens is that there is obviously to nurture, to have a beautiful garden, to have great plants, you actually have to, not just give it some soil, give it some air, give the oxygen you need and the sunshine, but you also have to go do some weeding. Weeding is such an important and integral part of gardening. You’ve got to get rid of some stuff that is actually there because the weeds are always going to come up.

In life, it is exactly the same thing. In life, it is about that there is always going to be weeds. There is always going to be negative thoughts in your garden of thoughts. Therefore, once in a while, you’ve got to make sure to actually take out the weeds. Not only do you have to get rid of the negative thoughts, you actually have to fill your brain or your garden of thoughts with healthy thoughts.

The only way to do that is like adding soil, sunshine and adding water. You have to fill it. You have to fill it in a way that it is actually conducive to what you do. So if you are interested in business, then you should fill your mind with some business thought leaders, and some business book ideas.

Even though I don’t read, I actually read a lot of books and a lot of podcasts. So what I do is I use my handy iPhone, which I’m using this to film at this moment. In this iPhone, it contains tons of audio programs, audiobooks, tons of podcasts that I download, whether it be The Wellness Guys or The Wellness Couch podcast, if you’re interested in health. If you’re into business, there’s so many different people that you can actually download. Whatever interests you in life and it’s all for free. I downloaded it through the podcast app and be able to listen to it.

Now, what is most interesting is that you can also buy audiobooks. You can buy from the iTunes store or you can buy from anywhere online now and actually start to listen. If you enjoy chiropractic for example, you can actually buy the mp3 from particular seminars and be able to transform the CDs into mp3s. When you buy the mp3s, then you can actually listen to it on your iPhones over and over again. Why not listen to it while you walk, while you’re driving, when you’re actually washing the dishes or doing the gardening. It’s about leveraging your time while you do it.

Here’s another trick that I do.

Listening To My Audio In 2x Speed

One of the tricks that I do is actually listening to my audio in 2x speed, which means there is an option in your iPhone that you can speed up the conversation. Speed up the audio to 1.5 or 2x. All you have to do is simply change the mp3 to an audiobook file. You can actually do that on your iTunes.

1. Go to your iTunes.
2. Right click the audio or whatever audio/music file that you have.
3. Go to Get Info.
4. When you get to Get Info, you can change the media kind to audiobook.

When you do that, you can actually have the option on your iPhone or iPod and then you can actually listen to it at 2x speed. Yes, you can listen to it at 2x the speed. So which means a half an hour podcast, you can actually listen to it in 15 minutes. So you can get through a lot very, very quickly in a very short period of time.

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That is how I leverage my mind and my time to actually fulfill and supercharge my brain with information that’s otherwise we would not have been able to access to, where I would actually have to sit and read that book.

So I hope you got this great tip of the week to help you leverage your life and time to help you develop into the next level so you could grow your practice.

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 How To Supercharge