Episode 62: The Philosophy Formula with Dr. Patrick Gentempo



I literally just had breakfast with one of the most influential and respected chiropractors in the world – Dr. Patrick Gentempo.

Dr. Gentempo was always one of my favourite speakers ever since I saw him speak when I was a student at CMCC at various chiropractic seminars.

And when I had the opportunity to connect with him and scheduled a breakfast meeting with him this morning – it was kinda exciting… (I know it is kinda weird… but seriously, I would say that I was more excited about this breakfast than adjusting Mötley Crüe front man Vince Neil last month in Sydney!)

So what did we talk about?

Well, over 2 hours of masterminding ideas, talking TIC, and developing ideas about a possible trip to Australia next year… he told me something that I think will really interest you…

(And trust me – this is going to be a game changer for your practice.)

As I said – Dr. Patrick Gentempo has arguably had as much positive impact on this profession as anyone alive. And at the core of his chiropractic success principles is a searing awareness of the practical role of philosophy as a tool for success in practice.

In fact, many fellow colleagues have told me they recently took Dr. Gentempo’s Philosophy Formula course and had some massive shifts in their practices — including many of my clients who used the “Philosophy Formula” to shift their thinking and then applied what we teach in Nitro to AMPLIFY their practices in extraordinary ways!

I was so impressed with this that I decided to take the course as well to find out what all the fuss is about…

Well, I can tell you that while I was taking the course – the first 3 videos that I saw created some massive business mindset shifts for me as well…

And I just thought how amazing would it be if YOU were able to watch just some of this… what changes would you be able to make in your practice or your life?

So I asked if there was any way I can show you these videos… (because I honestly think that it will setup a great foundation if you truly want success in your practice and in life.)
Well, it’s your lucky day. He agreed — but for a limited time only.
Here is the special link to the 3-part video training series I am referring to… and oh – the best part is it’s free for you.

He only agreed to leave these videos up for a limited time.
The content of these videos are solid. Jump on it!


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