Episode 65: Is Marketing Unethical?

One of my recent post on Facebook had someone who made a comment… that made me a little pissed.

“Marketing as a chiropractor is just unethical….”


So is marketing unethical? or is it only unethical when a chiropractors does it? or when a health practitioner does it?

But it is ok for a drug company to market right? or maybe a medical practice to advertise? or maybe another therapy?

I just want to get a couple of things right about “Marketing”, what it really means, how it is unethical or ethical, why marketing is NOT selling and how to do it properly…

You can WATCH this VIDEO as I think you will see how you can use “marketing” to your advantage and why “marketing” is actually essential to your practice.

This video is a little longer than usual (8 mins)… but I know it is worth it.


So carve out 10 mins and go and watch it now…

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.41.06 AM