Episode 66: The 3 Golden Rules To Help You Through the Struggle

I’m here in beautiful Palm Beach. 

So the reason why I shot this video right here is that  

when people usually see places like this, they say “Wow. You live in a beautiful place.” 

When we see this on Facebook, people say “It’s fantastic there. I wish I was there.”

A lot of times, we have to remember it’s not always pretty. In life, it’s not always pretty. Just like in business and in practice, there’s always something that will go wrong. There’s always the good and the bad.

In regards to practice, there are beautiful things. When the staff is working properly, when you’re working properly and patients are coming in and getting all that you’re saying.

But there’s also a dark side. Just like here. A couple of days ago it was pouring rain and that side  we don’t display and we don’t take a picture of. Typically, we don’t see that. 

But in practice, we do. We feel like we’re the only chiropractor in the world who’s having a bad day. That’s not always true. There’s always the good and the bad.

At the end of the day, every practice has a flip side.

It’s about picking and choosing what you want to see and how you can grow.

Like over here, there’s the ocean with the surfers but on the other side, it’s perfect for the sailboats.

Just like the lighting in the video, there’s a dark side where it’s not great for video. So over here, it’s better.

It’s important to recognise there is a light side and a dark side in practice and it’s okay. It’s being okay that you’re struggling now. I think you are meant to go through the struggle to get to the top. It’s important to know that every success have to go through a struggle. If you didn’t go through struggle, it wouldn’t be an accomplishment. 

We need to plan for struggles when it comes to achieving a goal so it would be worthwhile.

Every climb to success, there’s always a bit of a struggle. That’s what makes the success so sweet because you had to undergo some struggle.

Three Golden Rules

True Purpose

What are you in it for? Why are you going through this? Do you have a guiding light to pull you when the going gets tough? 

Surround Yourself With Peers

These are strong people who will support you through the hard times and the good times and will NOT knock you down. People who will help you succeed and achieve your goals.

Know the Next Step

If you have a purpose and friends, but you don’t know the next step.. it will be hard. Those people who are successful, they go to work day in and day out. Even if it’s a bad day, they will still go through it.  They’re grinding it out and do things even if they don’t like it. 

So are you doing everything that you can to move one step closer to your goal?

If you’re not, you need to ask yourself if your goal is really that important to you. If it’s not, change it.

Don’t be depressed about it because you don’t want to compare yourself against something you don’t really can’t to achieve.

But if it is, are you willing to do work today? To go surround yourself with peers and friends that are going to help you? What is your true purpose that will make an impact in your profession?

 The 3 Golden Rules To Help You Through the Struggle