Episode 68: What Chiropractors Can Learn From A Hospital


I’m here at the Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital. I’m pretty impressed with this building.

It’s very amazing to see a massive iPad for the children and there’s a HUGE fish tank at the centre.

The colours here make the hospital not feel like your typical hospital, which is really interesting because it’s a children’s hospital. Sick children come here and they get this massive fish tank to greet them so they’re going to change the way they feel about themselves. No, it’s not going to heal them but they would change how they perceive the world at that moment. 

I think it’s really important for us as chiropractors, in the context of creating a space for our clients, to think — “WHAT CAN YOU DO?”. It’s similar to what this hospital has done… you need to create the feeling or sensation on how your clients enter your room.

I spent the weekend with my Nitro clients discussing on how to make your practice flow and feel? What are the typical things that your patients are hearing from your CAs to evoke the emotions that you want? Are you actually thinking about it and how do you create that?

I think it’s important to take an assessment.

Walk into your practice and what does it feel to you? If you were just a patient who has never been to a chiropractor before or is someone who’s scared or don’t know  anything about it, what does it make yo u feel? Does it feel Welcoming? Is the energy Fantastic or did it scare you off?

You have to think about that. It’s an important factor to consider– The space, the sound, the feeling… that changes the way how your patients will interact with you.

I hope this will help you evaluate your practice.

Does this give me the feeling that I want to evoke? If it does not, change it.

What Chiropractors can learn from a hospital