Episode 69: How to become a chiropractor with Impact

It has been an exciting weekend. We spent it in Melbourne for The Wellness Summit.

This was the biggest Wellness Summit we’ve ever had! We had 695 people coming from around Australia and one from the UK. We had 33 exhibitors. It was a FANTASTIC EVENT! So many great exhibitors and great food.The speakers were absolutely fantastic. New content, new talks. You should pickup the online version if you get the chance.

Today’s video is about creating impact. There’s a lot of people who came to us who said they’ve been following us and they’re already making massive changes. We were hearing stories of literally changing their lives and their careers. The impact of one podcast that we made 4 years ago is making massive changes in people’s lives.

The key thing that you need to understand is that it took us FOUR years to develop a tribe and create this MASSIVE event. We had to create content, continue doing what we do every week. We haven’t missed a week in 4 years. We just continue delivering great content to the masses.

If you’re a boat and you’re goal is to drive to your purpose. And you leave a wake. This is the Wake of Impact. And sometimes, if you look back in your life and the effects you had on people, this wake will eventually hit shoreline and that’s when you see results. It feels great!

But you also need to focus on your purpose because if you’re in the ocean, you won’t see this wake hit this shoreline.

My suggestion is STOP focusing on impact. Just know that if you Stay on Purpose, impact is being done.

In your practice, it’s about doing one step at a time and creating these wakes in your life so you can actually start helping people. It’s not about how many people you’ve helped. It’s about staying on purpose. That only happens when you take action every single day. Sure, we have good days and bad days. But at the end of the day, it’s how you need to keep your project moving forward.

I want to show you how you can stay forward. This new method of productivity is called SCRUM. It’s like rugby — try to get the ball moving forward. How do you take one project here and move it to completion. 

Think about the next quarter. What are you focusing on? How do we get these stuff here towards completion? So you can focus on your purpose and make an impact to someone else’s life.

How to become a chiropractor with impact