Episode 70: Why you need to get feedback from clients

I’m here with one of my clients, Dr. Maria. We just had lunch because we’re celebrating Dr. Maria because she came 2nd in our Nitro Competition. I was really excited to treat Dr. Maria for her success.

One reason why we did this is because it’s important for us to get in touch with our clients. We spent almost 3 hours discussing her life, my stuff and what’s happening in Nitro. Nitro has evolved over the last 2 years because of the clients who tell me honestly what’s good, what’s bad and for me to pivot, change and adapt.

I think it’s important as a chiropractor to spend time to talk to your clients and ask them if everything’s okay. Yes, it might hurt the first time but it will give you the opportunity to pivot.

Most of the time clients will just drop off because they won’t tell you what’s wrong — they might be embarrassed to tell you or they don’t want to hurt your feelings. If we don’t ask because we don’t want to confront, then we’ll lose the client and we don’t evolve and they don’t get the benefit of what we can offer. Everybody will lose. 

If only we’ll have an honest conversation, and we can ask them what they want, so we can do something about it and create the change that we need.

The learning lesson is to talk to your client and find out what they need. See how you can serve them better so you can evolve as a practitioner and how your practice will evolve.

So, how do you get feedback from your clients?

why do need to get feedbacks from clients