Episode 71: Jarryd Haynes and Authority lessons for your practice

It’s a great day for Australian and 49ers and a lot of Australians are happy that Jarryd Haynes made the team. That’s not a guarantee that he’ll stay on the team or be a star but he is one of the top rugby league players here in Australia and he decided to give up his million-dollar contract to pursue his dream to be an NFL player. He has made it to the San Francisco 49ers team. I am a BIG 49ers fan since 1984. You can see a lot of sports memorabilia in my office. One of the reasons for this is because I’m obsessed with GREATNESS. I want to produce an office when I walk in, I feel the sense of greatness.

The reason why I’m showing all of these to you is to let you know that I’m a 49ers fan even before Jarryd Haynes got there. 🙂 And, I want to talk about how it relates back to the practice.

Everything has to have a plan and a strategy. Otherwise, you won’t be successful in anything that you do.

The thing that I learned from this is that Jarryd was able to transform from one career to another. It’s not easy to give up a million-dollar career for a spot in the 49ers team for the potential to have great success in that team with no guarantee. 

How does that relate to practice?

  1. For Jarryd, having a brand in Australia made him Build A Tribe. These are the people who follow you, support you, and are looking for your success. In practice, if you elevate from normal chiropractor to some sort of  authority in any particular market place., you’ve elevated your ability to build a tribe and followers on how you do things. This will eventually attract like-minded people.
  2. When you become an authority or have a brand of some sort, you’ll have supporters and haters. Just recognize that fact that there will people who will like you and hate you. And that’s a key point for that. You must always stand up for something.
  3. His ability to leave the rugby league and try his skills in the NFL is big challenge on its own. But he wanted to expand his brand and expand his profile. Now, he has made a big name during the pre-season and elevate his status and there’s a whole new bunch of followers who wants to see him succeed and change the game.

For you, if you want to elevate yourself to a higher level in terms of practice, itt’s not how much you know here but how many people know you. If you don’t have a profile around the people you serve, they won’t come to see you. They’re not coming to you because you’re smart because they don’t know that you are smart. You need to build a brand first so people will know what you stand for and who you are. 

I’ve developed this new PDF at www.authoritygameplan.com. Download it and do the exercise so we can get you started on building that SWEET SPOT to help you build your brand profile.

There’s also a webinar that I did recently. You can watch the replay showing the three key steps  on how to build your Practice and Beyond.

Once you download that PDF, I’ll give you a link where you can view that webinar.

Let’s help you transform from being a normal chiropractor to something else and create that leverage that you need.

How can you elevate your profile and brand so people would come to you and refer people to come to you?

Jarryd Haynes and Authority lessons for your practice