Episode 72: My First Live Face to Face Team Meeting

In every business – there are two major parts. There is “The Show” and “The Production”.

Like any Broadway Play or filming a Blockbuster Movie… the SHOW is the talent (which is you) and are the people or things that your audience (clients) see.

“The Production” is all the people and processes that actually make the “SHOW” happen. In a play or movie – there are the people who run the cameras, the lights, the sound, the makeup etc. And without the PRODUCTION – the SHOW never happens.

And the PRODUCTION makes the SHOW look good!

In my chiropractic business, Podcasting Business (The Wellness Couch) and my mentoring businesses (Drive Your Practice), my team has always been consisted of people who are locally based and also virtual.

Currently, I have 3 virtual assistants on my PRODUCTION team for the past 2-3 years and the crazy thing is… I have never actually met them. (Yes I have met them on Skype and had virtual Christmas parties and Virtual meetings etc… but beside this – we have never officially met in person!)

In this video, I share with you how my team works and how you can also have a virtual team yourself.

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