Episode 73: The Inside look at how I run my business

We live in a very fast-paced world…

With more and more information that we are bombarded with, and more and more TO DO lists to complete… we need to learn how to actually be more PRODUCTIVE.

Running a successful business requires YOU to stay focus on your GENIUS (what you do best!)…. and DELEGATE everything else.

This does not mean you give all the crappy work to someone else…. Well – actually it does! But if you are smart… what you want to do is build a team consisting of people who actually “LOVE” what you “HATE” to do!

The word “Team” is about collaboration and working together toward a common goal… Getting THINGS DONE.

In this video – I am going to show you behind closed doors and give you an inside look on how I run my business and who are the key players I have on my team.

My team is like a 4x100m Relay team… I stay focus on what I do best and then build a team to do all the things that I SUCK at…

Watch the video to find out what position I play on the 4x100m team…

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