Episode 74: How To Get Your Dream Job

Whether you are a student or a chiropractor who is currently looking for a position… I am sure one of the key things you are looking for is to work for :
1. A great practice and team
2. A great chiropractor
3. You are well compensated for your expertise
4. You will grow from your experience as a chiropractor (so you leave or stay a much better chiropractor that you started)
5. A chance to be able to help a lot of people

In this video, I will teach you 3 important points that will transform the way you think about yourself and how you need to apply these elements that will ATTRACT chiropractors to begging you to work for them rather than you chasing them for a job.

When you are one of many associates for a principle chiropractor to choose from then you need to find a way to STAND OUT from the crowd. But that is not enough… what you want is for multiple chiropractic practices vying for your attention and making concessions to you to work for them.

Watch the video and then start applying theses 3 Principles.

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