Episode 75: How To Hire A Superstar Chiropractic Associate

Once you build a successful chiropractic practice by yourself, the next logical step is to leverage your success by hiring an associate.

Hiring an associate, allows you to make a bigger impact to your community, create a bigger authority audience and also be able to pass on your skills / experience by helping an associate become a better chiropractor.

But the key success of hiring an associate is actually how to FIND and then HIRE the best associate. The biggest mistake is to just hire a chiropractor / associate that is ok or just because they were the best of the bunch!

This will only cost you money, energy, lost of sleep, tons of frustration, and lots of heartache.

I am sure if you are like me… you would want to ATTRACT and HIRE a SUPERSTAR (probably just like you)… so how do you do that?

Well – in this video, I will show you 3 key steps on how I was able to attract more applicants for my chiropractic associate positions in the past than most clinics and more importantly attract SUPERSTARS that are bidding to work for you!

These key strategies will complete change the way you think about your position and how to place your AD, how you talk about it and how to spread the word to the world rather than those who looking at the local chiropractic magazine.

If you are going to spend the same time, money and energy to attract and hire an associate… why don’t you figure out how to attract the BEST chiropractors.

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